All types of Printer Setup

There are many mobile printing solutions that enable you to print via wired or wireless connection from your 123 HP Printer.
The applications and other ways mobile printing ways are listed below.


Wired Printer Setup

A wired connection requires driver installation and network connection. When you install a driver be sure that you have a functioning Router and a connection cable (Ethernet cable). Along with the Ethernet cable, you should also have a network router and a switch.

  • Connect your computer to the router and switch.
  • Now connect your Ethernet cable to your printer and your router, switch.
  • Switch on your printer.
  • If you see any plug or protective cover on Ethernet ports remove it.
  • Connect your Ethernet cable to the printer port.
  • Now continue with connecting the other end of the boat with the network router and switch.
  • Connect your printer to computer
  • With the help of HP guide, you can easily customize and complete your printer setup.
  • Now continue with creating an account for Web Services.
  • Download and install the HP printer software application.

Ethernet Networking

You can easily print via Ethernet connection using your Android smartphone or Tablet. Make sure your Printer series supports area USB 2.0 high-speed port for connection to a computer

  • Connecting your HP unit with USB cable you have to insert the printer software CD into your computer CD ROM drive.
  • Connect your USB cable with your printer until you are prompted to the dialog box asking for it.
  • Read carefully the instructions on the screen, now connect the USB cable when you are asked to connect it to your printer.
  • Once your printer software has been installed your printer will automatically operate as a plug and play device.

Wireless Setup Wizard

Set up your wireless network easily from your printer control panel display. But firstly, make sure that your printer and your computer are on the same wireless network and are not connected via Ethernet cable.

  • On the printer control panel, open the Dashboard by swiping down the tab at the top of the screen.
  • You can see of Wireless icon, touch it.
  • Go to the Settings option.
  • Go to Wireless Setup Wizard or WiFi protected setup.
  • You will be prompted to some new dialog boxes, select the required settings and you are ready for your printer.

Wired setup for Mac user

From Download HP easy start by entering your printer model and click begin. Once the download is complete follow the instructions on your screen to proceed with the setup.

  • When you are asked to choose the network type to select the wired network.
  • Now you can add your printer by clicking on its name.
  • Click on USE and then click on ADD
  • You can come back to HP installer and complete your installation.

USB Setup

  • Web search
  • Now write your printer model. Click begin
  • Now the guided driver installation application downloads. (HP Easy Start)
  • When HP easy start get downloaded
  • Follow destructions on your screen to set up your printer.
  • Now you can see and select your printer connection type, go for USB

WPS (WiFi protected setup)

Connecting with WiFi direct HP software installation on your mobile devices of the computer is needed.

WiFi direct connection provides a wireless connection to your HP printer that allows the user to print without joining or connecting to internet or Local Network. Activate WiFi direct on your HP printer and then print from the WiFi-enabled devices.

  • Check the network name and password from the Dashboard of your printer display.
  • Again go to the Dashboard from your printer control panel.
  • Now select the option or icon of Wireless.
  • Go to Settings option.
  • Now select the Wireless setup Wizard or WiFi protected setup.
  • Now you will be prompted to several dialog boxes, select the settings according to your requirement.

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