In brief, the Mobile Printing is nothing but the process of sending data to a Printer Wirelessly through Smartphone or Tablet for the Print job. Use the Mobile devices like Smartphone, iPod or iPad and the Tablet Computer.

Since the Mobile Printing is Wireless, usually we have two ways of approaching the mobile device with the Printer for print jobs. Either we can come close to the direct communication between the Mobile device and the Printer device or approach through the communication between the Mobile device connected to the Printer.

How does the Mobile printing work?

Through installing the right recommended driver on the Android device, one can easily take Print from the Mobile device application for enabling the wireless Print job. On your Mobile browser, search to find out a right driver for the Mobile devices.

Requirements and the choice of selecting the software:

Note the basic requirements for the Mobile Printing as follows in the series. First the device that can print document files or photos no matter whether on its own or with the added software any. Next, need the wireless connectivity path and the Printer. For that first the users must download and install the printing software.

The Smart Application is the recommended right driver for mobile device to enable the Mobile Printing process. Smart app executes several tasks at a time. Most of the mobile printing programs allow the users to maintain a list of Printers they use often.

Some Printers have built-in Wi-Fi options so that it will be easy to connect the Wireless Printer to the Mobile device using the Smart application software driver. At some extreme, the newer devices can automatically detect a Wireless Printer just like connecting to the Wi-Fi connection option. So it made quite easy to detect the Printer. No chances will be there to select the right printer through the long list of available printer options.

For the users who travel at length prefer the portable printers that can be a better choice for looking for the available printer devices. This type of users always chooses the compact and lightweight portable printers which can be operated both with the battery and wireless option.

Printer Users always prefer the portable printer types to print photographs which enable to read directly from the camera or the memory card slots. Before going to print the photos, make sure of the Printer device is compatible and the software driver should be recommended one.

Install the Smart Application Software Driver and use it for the Mobile Printing:

Use the recommended driver for the mobile printing. Follow the points to download and install the Smart app software for mobile printing.

  • First, on your tablet computer browser, search for a printer driver for mobile printing.
  • Select the Smart app and then hit the download button.
  • Wait for a few second until the software downloads completely.
  • Then, allow the Smart app driver to save into the Tablet computer folder.
  • Now, locate the saved Smart app software driver file.
  • Right-click on the driver file and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.
  • Last but not least, allow the driver to enable Print option.

Using this software, the user can change the print job settings on his/her Smartphone, Android or Tablet. The option of changes the print setting is given in the Smart app. On the Smart app’s home screen, tap the Print or Scan tile and then hit the option select or scan the document file or the photo you wish to print.