ePrint Setup

ePrint is a kind of secured cloud based service. ePrint feature lets you to print documents and photos from anywhere using the Active Internet Connection. Even, User can email the files that you want to print directly using the printer.

How to Get Printer Email Address?

  • Just Connect the Web to your Printer and you can get the Printer email Address.
  • First of all, Turn ON your Printer. Load the Paper into the printer’s input tray. Install the Toner Cartridges into Printer.
  • Then, Switch On your Web Services.
  • Go to the Printer and Press on the ePrint option. Click Setup and go ahead with the following instructions to switch on web services.
  • If you’ve text based display, On your Printer click on the Web Service Setup > Wireless Settings or Network Setup. Then you can follow with on-screen instructions.
  • In case, the Web Service got enabled tap Print info or Print option.
  • Your Printer Email Address will get displayed on the control panel. Then, the Info page will get Print with printer email address.
  • If you can’t find the printer’s email address, just wait for few hours and try for printing the print info.

How to Print from Smartphone or Tablet?


Users can print from any of their Mobile Devices such as: Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, Tablet by sending email to your printer directly using the email address of the printer.

  • On your mobile device, just Open the Image or Document file to print.
  • Once selecting the file, click the Share button or Action button.
  • Now, choose the Email option to get open the new email message.
  • On the TO field, type down your Printer’s Email Address.
  • Likewise, On the Subject Line type down the Subject as you prefer.
  • Finally, hit the Send button.

These are the steps to follow to make a document or photo printing using the ePrint feature.


If you want to Print an Email, then follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Firstly, Open the Mail that you want to make Print.
  • Once opening the email, tap on the Forward option.
  • Enter your Printer’s Email address correctly in To field.
  • At last, click on the Send button.

So, this is the quickest process to print an email using the ePrint feature. Obviously it’s so simple and easy to complete sharing the files.


To Print a Webpage that you wish to make a print, follow the below steps.

  • Open the Webpage in your Browser.
  • Then, just tap & hold the screen to make Select all & Copy the content that you need.
  • Now, Open the Blank Document newly. Tap the screen and hold it. And the content will automatically paste into your document.
  • Finally, User can save their document in their folder as per their convenience.
  • To send an email of the Webpage, attach your document at your valid printer email address.
  • At last, User can confirm and click the Send button.

In case, if your eprint feature doesn’t make Prints, just Restart your Printer. Most importantly, check your Network Connection status. If it’s good, you can proceed. Or else rectify your Network Connection issues and then go ahead with the process.

Users are recommended to take a Test Page Printing. Make sure that you should print a test page which is connected to the same wireless network. Then you can respond to the messages that might prompt on your display.

Then, Users have to make sure about the Printer’s Email Address. Check and Confirm the Email Address is entered correct or not. Moreover, Users can attach the compatible files only less than ten.

Hope, all the information given in this document was clear enough and helpful. Enjoy Printing using the ePrint Feature on your Mobile device comfortably.