Chromebook Setup

The User can print through Chrome Browser to your Printer using the Chrome app. User need to Download and Install the Chorme app.

The Chrome app support all kinds of Operating System like: Windows, Mac, Linux with Computers or mobile Devices with Android, iPhone or iPod, iPad, Tablet and such devices.

User can connect their devices either using the Wired Connection or Wireless Network Connection. You can make Printing, Scanning, Copying, & Faxing with the usage of Chrombook setup.

First of all, the Users have to Add their Printer to the Chromebook. Once the Chrombook gets installed, Click on the SettingsAdvancedPrintersAdd Printer. Finally, click the Add button to get your printer into it. or else, user can manually Add their printer with the on-screen instructions.

  • Before heading into the process, make sure that you’ve the following requirements.
  • A user must have a Google Account in order to print from Cloudprint app.
  • Ensure to have a Strong & an Active Internet Connection.
  • Then, Install an updated Version of Software of your Chrome Browser.
  • Make sure to Set up the Printer and Connected with your Computer Device using the USB Cable or Wireless Network.

USB: If you’re connecting both the devices using the USB or Ethernet cable, then make sure it has connected into the port properly.

Wireless: Users who were using the wireless connection to get connected with both devices, ensure about both the devices connected to the same wireless network connection. The wireless network can be connected with your Chromebook or Computer device.

Once you check all the above mentioned requirements, and now you’re ready to Print from Chromebook.

Installing Chrome App

  • Open the Installed Chrombook Browser and go to Print for Chrome option. The Chrome app windows screen will get open.
  • Click on the Add to Chrome option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Now, close the Print for Chrome Window and proceed with the next step.

Print using Chrome app

  • The User can print any of Document or Photos, that are saved in their Google Drive, Google Docs, or Photos.
  • First of all, on your operating system Open the Image or Document that you want to print.
  • Now, click on the Print icon button or Print option that appears on your screen.
  • The Print Window will get opened.
  • Under the Destination, click on the Change button.
  • And, the User must have to Select the Destination when the screen prompts for.
  • Under the Print Destinations, User can select their Printer.
  • If you want to make changes in your Print Settings, then Click on the Print button.

Several Ways to Manage the Chrome app

  • User can Manage the Chrome Print app. From your Chrome Settings page, you can Enable or Disable or Delete the Chrome Print.
  • On your Chrome Browser, just type chrome;//extensions in the URL Address bar. And hit the Enter button.
  • Once you hit the Enter button, you will get some list of Chrome Extensions that you’ve already installed in your browser.
  • If you want to Enable the Chrome print app, then make ON using the toggle button. The Blue light resembles it’s enabled.
  • Likewise, if you want to Disable the Chrome print app, then make OFF using toggle button. The White light resembles, it’s disables.
  • Or you would like to remove the Chrome print from your Chrome Browser, then click the Remove button. And it will automatically get removed from your Browser.

User can think that, if I don’t have a Gmail Account, Is it possible to Print from Chrome.

Undoubtedly, Users are recommended to have or create a New Gmail Account which is the most required one to set up the chrome app for printing purpose. You can sign-up of your Gmail Account whenever you are trying to install Google Chrome Browser.