Airprint Setup

Airprint comes with the Mobile Printing Solution, which is compatible for the Apple Computers, Laptops, and Mobile Devices. Users can print from several apps which have a print feature.

To make use of Airprint feature, User should Connect their Apple device and the Printer to their Wireless Network.

  • Step:1 First of all, ensure to Turn On the Wireless in your Apple Device. Make sure, about you’ve connected to the Local Wireless Network.
  • Step:2 In case, if you got connected to different networks, then you must Enter the Network credentials to join in it.
  • Step:3 Kindly, go and refer your Wireless Network Password in order to get connected.
  • Step:4 In the next sequence, User to check the status of the network. Whether it is Active and has Strong signal.
  • Step:5 On the Printer, Click on the Wireless icon.
  • Step:6 From the Wireless, go and Open the Setup or Network Settings. In that menu, you can view your wireless connection status.
  • Step:7 Now, your printer will get connected with your wireless network. If not, go to Wireless Test Report to know the problem.

How to Print from Apple Device?

User can able to print easily of their webpages, photos and documents on using the Airprint feature.

  • Step:1 Before proceeding with the process, ensure that your printer is Turned ON and in Active state.
  • Step:2 The Cartridges has to be installed correctly. Then make sure to load the paper in the input tray. Check the width guides of the loaded paper into the tray.
  • Step:3 Now, Open the file in your Apple device that you wish to print.
  • Step:4 Click the Share icon button which appears on your device screen.
  • Step:5 Next, click on the Print icon or Print option to get Open the Printer Options.
  • Step:6 Now it’s time to select your printer that you gonna print from. Choose your printer name.
  • Step:7 The next set of process will be, print job settings. The following settings are mentioned below. Moreover, the print settings will vary based on the Apple devices.
  • Paper Size: Airprint feature has the ability to select the paper type automatically, once you loaded the paper into the tray. It will detect the paper size or you can change the size on the printer control panel. Make sure the paper size is appropriate and if not, User will face error. So, confirm the paper size before heading to next settings.
  • No. of Copies: User can opt for copies as needed. Just select the number of copies that you want to get Print.
  • Black & White: You can select the Grayscale option to print.
  • Two sided printing: If you want to print certain files as double side printing, then make selection on it.
  • Page Range: Choose specific pages within a webpage or document to print.

How to use Airprint without Wi-Fi Network?

User can opt for the Wi-Fi Direct option instead of using the Wireless Network. To proceed with the printing steps, Ensure to Turn On the printer by loading the papers and installing cartridges into the printer.

The Following steps can make use only when your Internet Network was temporarily disconnected in your Apple Devices.

  • Step:1 On your iOS device, tap on the Settings option and click Wi-Fi.
  • Step:2 Click Choose a Network, Then Select your printer with the name of Direct.
  • Step:3 If your device prompts for the network password, just enter 123456789. This will be the Default Login Password.
  • Step:4 Now, Open the Webpage or Document that you want to make a print.
  • Step:5 Once you select the file, just click the Share icon or option.
  • Step:6 The, Click Print or Print icon on your display to open the printer options.
  • Step:7 Tap on the Select Printer to choose your preferable printer.
  • Step:8 Finally, you can Reconnect with your Local area of Wi-Fi network once the print job gets completed.