123 HP Tango Printer

As everyone knows printing photos might become easy with 123 HP Tango Printer series. A user can use live print graphics and photographs with the help of this printer series. It can provide satisfying printing which might improve your project works, document files, and home decors.

Now a day, users are using Mac boot and Windows to print photographs from 123 HP Tango printer series. If you follow this information guide then you can learn how to printer images by using this printer. This guide helps to make sure that they are using the proper type of the pages to get proper results and printouts.

If you are a Windows User, follow steps which are given below to print photos.

You must load photo page into the main paper tray.

Load photo paper into the load input tray

  • Discard blank papers from main paper tray.
  • Select print from your 123 HP Tango Printer software.
  • You must check whether name of the tango for 123 hp Printer is selected and if not selected then choose your printer name.
  • Open dialog box which is showing properties.

Note: 123.hp.com/setup-tango software application button properties might vary in forms of the printer setup, option, printer properties or preferences.

  • Instanter, you must to choose proper settings based on your requirement and need.
  • In this step, user might choose layout of photo or orientation based on your needs. At the same time, you can select the Portrait view or landscape view.
  • Likewise, you must choose quality or paper tab.
  • Pick paper type from drop down list.
  • During 123 hp tango printer install, user must to choose print quality. On the other hand, you can choose printing quality from the quality settings tab.
  • In case you are seeking for the more advanced settings then you can click tab advanced.
  • Choose appropriate settings on a drop down menu like paper size.
  • Press ok and after that you could be taken to properties dialogue box.
  • Confirm your settings by pressing OK.
  • Finally, print.

123 HP Tango Mac OS

To print photo by using 123 HP Tango printer series, you are advised to follow below instructions carefully like

  • Choose file which you need to get printed.
  • After that go to file menu at 123.hp.com/tango software.
  • Choose option of print.
  • Users must make sure that your printer name is chosen. If it is not chosen then you might choose your printer name from given list.
  • Afterward choose option of the print from drop-down list of the file menu.
  • Sometimes, you might not see option of print in dialog box. When option of the print is not available then you can click on the show details.
  • Subsequently, opening the show details dialog box. Select the appropriate settings according to your needs.
  • The user can select the paper size from the popup menu. Whenever you are changing the paper size, you have to make sure that you are loading the appropriate size of paper in the paper tray or photo tray.
  • User can also select the orientation according to their requirement. One can choose layouts like portrait or landscape.
  • 123-hp-photo-paper-quality.
  • You must select the paper type / quality.
  • Choosing the paper type means selecting the appropriate photo paper for your printing.
  • Quality selection is for the selection of best quality or maximum DPI (dots per inch).
  • Select the color options according to your requirement.
  • Users also have the correct choice to select the photo fix option.
  • In case you switch off the photo fix option, it applies no changes to your image.
  • Suppose you switch on the photo fix option your photo will manually focus the image, and also we adjust the sharpness of the image.
  • Choose other settings option if you want to alter the settings.
  • After doing all the settings, click OK.
  • Click Print.

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