123 HP Tango copy setup

123 HP Tango copy setup

By utilizing, 123 HP Tango Copy Setup All-in-One Printer models, you can make one side copy, as well as the user, can make two-sided copies from a scanner glass. Try to verify the directions given on your 123.hp.com/tango series display, you can with no trouble find out the option for selecting the number of copies which you want to print. Not only you have the option for choosing tango for 123 hp the number of copies, but also user can choose the color or black and white print. Decide the settings according to your requirement.

User can also straightforwardly access advanced settings in HP Tango All-in-One Printer models. In the superior option, you can alter the paper type based on your requirement, not only this but a user can opt for the paper size also. User can easily go through all the advanced setting and first-rate the appropriate setting according to need, like adjusting the darkness or the contrast of the copy, you can go for different options to resize the copy.

Here are the procedures given to make one sided copy with 123.hp.com/setup-tango.

Follow the steps given below:

How to make 123 HP Tango One Side Copy

  • First and foremost, you must open the scanner lid of your 123 HP Tango.
  • User might load original in the document feeder.
  • In case you are loading the document in document feeder then, load it like innovative print side up.
  • Suppose you are loading the original on the scanner glass, then be sure that you place it in a print side down, placing it in the right front corner of a scanner glass.
  • From printer display, you can without problems specify number of copies based on your requirement.
  • On home screen, touch copy.
  • Choose the required number of copies you want.
  • Afterwards, touch settings
  • Pick required paper size and desired paper type.
  • Decide on the quality.
  • Regulate other settings as per to your requirement and need.
  • Be sure that if two sided option is ON touch it to switch it OFF.
  • No return back to copy menu by touching back icon.
  • User has the best option to print white and black and color.

If you want to print black and white press start black to begin the 123 hp tango printer copy job.

If you interest to print color, then, press starts color to start in on the copy job.

You can stay a 123.hp.com for information and issues based on 123 HP Tango Copy Printer series. Try to get the best procedures here and obtain your issues sorted.

123 HP Tango not Copying

Sometimes, user might face issues of not copying from 123 HP Tango Printer models. We are here to guide how to resolve this problem and get your doubts sorted.

It occurs sometimes that your Tango stops copying after changing Ink cartridges. Certain users complained that they are able to print from the desktop, but unable to create the print copies, either color or black the printer does not print anything. The white plain paper goes through with no print. The issue is with photocopy and not with printing.

You might go throughout the following informed tips and isolate the issue of not copying.

Try to follow the procedure to understand 123.hp.com/tango.

  • Do not switch off your printer and discard the power cable from your setup for 123 hp tango printer.
  • Disconnect all the cables from your printer. (If any other printer cables are connected)
  • Now, you must hold the printer power button for 15 seconds.
  • Be sure that your printer is not connected to a Surge protector.
  • Check whether your printer is connected to a wall outlet.
  • Currently, reconnect your HP unit power cable in to print.
  • Now, 123 HP Tango printer might power on by itself.

At the present, try to create a copy from the document feeder and the scanner glass bed. In case you are making a copy from scanner glass bed then your scanner bulb will glow inside the printer and will move to copy document.

If you are copying from the document feeder, then document moves throughout the printer. This time bulb will glow, but remain inactive and the documents move.

In case any of these two actions is not happening at your printer, then your HP unit indicating to the word hardware problem with it. You might contact to the HP support and services for additional resolution of your problem.

Sometimes, the printers instruct you to go to printer software and then choose the scanner action to manage scan to computer. End users can get confused about printer software location.

For solving this problem, you must have HP printer assistant previously installed in your computer system with the help of which user can scan the document. But 123 HP Tango printer assistant will only get installed while you install full featured printer drivers.

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