123 HP Officejet Pro 9020 Ink Cartridge

We are here to discuss the problems related to 123 HP Officejet Pro 9020 Ink Cartridge All-in-One Printer series Ink cartridges. Discussing issues, which users face and find them hard to get sorted. Read our guide related to 123 HP Officejet Pro 9020 All-in-One Printer series ink problems and the solutions.

1. Facing the problem of clogging link failure and bad electrical connections?

Always keep in mind that you stay away from the ink nozzles of Ink Cartridges. Because if you touch the ink nozzles or the copper contacts it results into the problem of getting clogged and inferior also bad electrical connections. Remove the plastic tape on the copper contacts carefully. And always hold your ink cartridge from the black plastic sides.


2. People even install a refilled or remanufactured ink cartridge or cartridges that have been used in other printers. Whenever you install such Ink cartridges in your HP printer, then you can face the problems like: the HP printer ink level indicator will not show the accurate ink levels and sometimes the HP ink level indicator will show the Ink cartridges unavailable.

3. Sometimes people face this problem of getting their alignment page not printed after replacing the Ink cartridges.

But if you printed did not automatically print your alignment page you can choose to manually print your alignment page from the printer control panel. Always make sure that you load printer with white plain paper before changing the Ink cartridges.

Now touch tools on your printer control panel and then touch align printer. Now your printer will print and alignment page. Wait till your alignment page gets out from the printer.

Now you have to scan your alignment page which has been printed right now. Now lift your scanner lid and place the alignment page upside down on the scanner glass right side corner. Now close your scanner lid and touch the ok option given on the screen. Now your printer will align the ink cartridges.

4. HP ink level warnings and the indicators, user get, are for your pre-planning. So whenever you receive is ready for your ink cartridge replacement.

5. Talking about the Ink cartridges, the ink is used in the printing process in various ways. Ink is used during the installation process; this installation process prepares your HP printer for the printing and also the printhead servicing. The installation process also helps in keeping their noses clear and which helps in smooth ink flow.

6. Some users only do black and white prints and they always get panic about their tricolor ink cartridge getting empty.

Whenever you are printing something in black and white or if you are choosing the grayscale option. Then the printer is also using your color ink for the better quality

Keeping in mind the precautions for your Ink cartridges will help you get a better service from the printer and better quality print.


  • Never open or until the cartridges from the package if you are not ready to install them.
  • Always insert your Ink cartridges in the right slots. Tri-color in left and Black in right.

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