123 HP Deskjet 6475 Offline

123 HP Deskjet 6475 Printer is Offline - Windows

If you see a notification offline’ on your computer screen and your printer doesn’t print means your computer is not able to communicate with your printer. Sometimes your printer might go offline unexpectedly 123 hp Deskjet 6475 offline

Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor and check the connectivity

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor
  • Open Print and Scan Doctor
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the problem
  • If the printer is still offline going for “default printer and unpause printing”

Default Printer and unpause printing

You can change the default print driver with your pre-installed the driver. Confirm that the HP printer is not set for offline use. The offline problem might exist because the default print driver might have set from the driver pre-installed to another driver.

  • Turn printer off and then turn it on again
  • Click on Devices and Printer list
  • Go for the correct icon of the printer you originally installed
  • Right click on the default printer icon
  • Select ‘See what’s printing’
  • Select Printer
  • Try to print

Check if correct port is selected

Sometimes when the driver is using the wrong communication port, in that case, the printer remains offline.

  • Click on Devices and Printer list
  • Right-click on the name of your printer
  • Select Printer properties
  • Select Port tab
  • Find name of your printer

If the printer is using USB connection then make sure the name has DOT4 or USB mentioned, and if the printer is using a wireless connection that looks that the name might consist WSD, network, Standard TCP/IP Port, or HP Standard TCP/IP Port.

  • Select the correct port type and continue

Update the printer firmware

There are regular updates available for HP printer firmware which you can easily download from the official HP websites. Updating the printer firmware can resolve your problem.

Add a second printer device to Windows

Once you are done with updating a manual IP address for the HP unit, now add a printer port to Windows that matches new IP address.

  • Click on Devices and Printer list
  • Right-click on the name of your printer
  • Select Printer properties
  • Select Port tab
  • Click Add Port
  • Go to Standard TCP/IP Port
  • Click New Port
  • Type printer’s IP address
  • Click Next
  • Go for the new Standard TCP/IP Port from the list shown
  • Click OK
  • Try printing now

Add printer using HP Assistant

For adding the printer using HP Assistant you have to remove the printer devices, and then you have to reinstall the device again using the HP printing software.

  • Go to the Device and Printers window
  • Right-click on the HP printer icons
  • Click Remove Device.
  • If you see a second printer icon, then right-click on it
  • Click Remove Device. (There should be no printer devices listed)
  • Go to HP Printer Assistant.
  • Search Windows for your printer name and select it
  • Follow on-screen instructions to add a new printer.
  • Go to Devices and printers window
  • Right-click on your printer and select Printer Properties
  • Click on Ports tab
  • Select the Standard Port created earlier
  • Try printing now

123 HP Deskjet 6475 Printer is Offline - Mac OS

The offline notification indicates that the OS cannot communicate with the HP unit. Offline notification displays when USB cable connection gets disconnected or the HP unit is powered off.

Check the connectivity

Go for the type of connection you have, and then follow the instructions given to resolve the connection issue.

USB connection

  • Firstly, disconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it
  • Turn off the printer from Power button
  • Wait for five to ten seconds.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the rear of the HP unit.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Reconnect the USB cable to the printer.
  • Try printing again.

Network printer connection

  • Restart your printer
  • If the network connection is not restored after restarting, then restart your router.
  • Disconnect the power cord from your router
  • Reconnect the power cord
  • Wait till the router initialize and establish a new connection
  • Restart your computer
  • Click on Apple icon and click System preferences
  • Click on Print & Scan to open the Printers list.
  • Select your HP printer from the Printers list
  • Click Open Print Queue.
  • Try printing now

Remove other printers from the list

There are multiple devices in the Printers list you can remove the extra entries other than your HP unit.

  • Search the Mac for Print
  • Click Print & Fax in the list of results.
  • Select the printer names that match your HP printer from the names of devices.
  • Remove all extra printers by selecting them one at a time
  • Now set your printer name as default printer
  • Try printing now

Delete the print queue and add the printer

You can create a new printing session by setting up the queue list of printers and then add your printer again.

  • Check that your Mac is connected to the network
  • Click your HP printer from the list
  • Click the Minus button to delete it
  • Click Add button
  • Select the name of your printer from Printer list
  • Click Add
  • Click Use
  • Select the name of your printer / AirPrint
  • Try printing

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