About 123 HP Tango Printer Setup

  • 123.hp.com/tango is the best printer with a two-way network connection and it allows you to scan, print and copy from any device.
  • Just connect your 123 HP Tango Printer to your Smartphone and print it with the wireless mobile printing without facing troubles.
  • When it comes to the 123.hp.com Tango functions: Print, copy, scan, and print from your mobile phone.
  • Composed of advanced printing features like instant ink replenishment and duplex printing.
  • Voice activated and hands-free printing. Use Smartphone to print hands-free with Google home, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana.
  • Utilize HP Smart App to track paper levels and ink in your printer so you might never run out of the supplies in the middle of a job.
  • Print photos and documents from the social media and cloud.

123 HP Tango Features

123 HP Tango Printer

Simple to print with the 123 HP Tango all-in-one printer. Just connect your Tablet or Smartphone to the printer wirelessly. Try to use print feature without a network and share it with another wireless-enabled device that helps to save your time.

123 HP Tango Scan Setup

With the help of 123 HP Tango, you can effortlessly scan files from your mobile phone and share it to email, cloud or print to the HP Tango. Get notifications while scanning photos or documents from your mobile phone.

123 HP Tango Copy Setup

Copy whatever and whenever you need with 123 HP Tango printer. Provide bright and rich lab-quality photo within a minute. Take the photo as copy to send to this printer so you can get notifications.

Unboxing Set Up 123 HP Tango Printer

  • To unbox 123 HP Tango printer, you must to take away all the stickers and tapes from a external part.
  • Later the complete removal, hold sides of device for lifting the printer out of the box.
  • Try to examine printer accessories whether it is in proper condition or not. After that, tear away stickers from accessories. Continue to equip the digital set up.
  • Once unbox the printer, connect it to the power source, load paper and install cartridge.

123 HP Tango Step by Step Tutorials


1. 123 HP Tango Wireless Setup

  • To composition of wireless communication, go to 123.hp.com/setup-tango wireless setup wizard from control panel display of this printer.
  • Inspect the wireless sign that you will see on control panel of printer.
  • Move to settings option.
  • Choose wireless setup wizard.
  • Forthwith, follow on-screen instructions as in popup dialogue box. This step helps to complete the setup.
  • Once you successfully setup 123 HP Tango Printer on computer then install 123 HP Printer Software. You can conveniently change the connection type by using HP software.
  • Change connection to the wireless network.
  • Based on your operating system follow below instructions.

Windows 8.1

  • Lower side of a start screen, go down to arrow on left corner.
  • Choose your printer name.
  • Press on “utilities”.
  • Go to “printer setup and software”.
  • Shear “connect a printer to wireless”.

Windows 8

  • Firstly, right click on the start screen.
  • Pick all apps from app bar.
  • Choose your printer name.
  • Select utilities.
  • Press printer setup and software.
  • Finally, choose connect the printer to wireless.

Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP: First and foremost, click on the start from desktop and go to All programs. Afterward, click HP. Choose folder name of the printer name. In this rung, click printer setup and software and select connect the printer to wireless.

Change to a wireless network

  • The first thing, you can connect a printer to the wireless network.
  • Utilize device Hewlett Packard or utilities/applications to choose wireless connection to 123.hp.com/tango Printer.

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2. 123 HP Tango Auto Wireless Connect

Be sure that your wireless network is properly working. At the same time, you must check computer and printer is using the alike network.

The 123 HP Tango All-in-one Printer models could be associated with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac OS, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

When you are looking to connect to your printer, you could be prompted to enter the wireless password and network name. As everyone knows, wireless network is SSID. Setting the wireless password might avert other people for connecting to network without permission. Based on your security issues, you can use WEP or WPA key.

At any moment, when you forget a network password you might check back side of the wireless router. You might check documentation which is offered with wireless network router or computer.

3. 123 HP Tango Connect using USB

  • In this step, you must download and install 123 HP Printer software from 123.hp.com/setup-tango.
  • Before you install the software, you must check whether software is suitable to your operating system of HP Printer and computer.
  • Choose network type from the settings.
  • Pick yes.
  • Now, you can press your wireless settings for your printer and begin the installation.

Connecting your printer via USB Cable connection

  • In the first step, plug-in 123 HP Tango to a power source outlet.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Straightaway, connect one end of USB cable to a printer and other end to a computer.
  • If you do above step properly, your computer operating system might detect a printer automatically.
  • After linking your printer through USB cable to computer then your printer is ready to scan, copy and print documents.

4. 123 HP Tango WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup):

  • If you download HP Printer software properly then install in on your computer system and printer.
  • Subsequently, go to network type and choose it.
  • Press “yes”.
  • Pick wireless settings of your printer.
  • Go to wireless settings.
  • Check whether your Wi-Fi direct is switched on.

Two Methods to turn on Wi-Fi direct:

Manual method: Smartphone must be to confirmed at printer control panel before connect to the printer. The main reason to follow this method is to security. You can ask for the additional pass keys when you are looking to make a connection.

Automatic method: By using automatic mode, you can connect mobile device to the printer.

Wi-Fi direct might be used when printer is connected to the printer. There is no matter whether it is a wireless connection or USB Cable connection.

123 HP Tango Mobile Device and Ethernet Support

123 HP Tango Print from mobile device

With the help 123 HP technology, you might print it your mobile device. Utilize printing application or function which is suitable with your mobile device and HP Printer (123.hp.com/tango).

  • Always, be sure that your mobile device and HP unit are on identical network.
  • Go to document, photo or file which you need to get printed.
  • Go to settings option.
  • Choose print.
  • In case you are looking to print through wireless connection then you might link your device to printer without a router.
  • If you interest to print via ePrint then you might print it by sending email for your printer by utilizing HP ePrint app.
123 HP Tango Ethernet networking

When you are interested to download and install HP Printer software 123.hp.com/setup-tango
that opt with your printer and operating system.

Suppose you are a Windows User, follow on-screen instructions based on your operating system.

Windows 8.1

  • You must go down to arrow on left corner side of start screen.
  • Choose your printer name.
  • Click on the utilities.
  • Press printer setup and software.
  • Click connect printer to USB.

Windows 8

  • Right click on start screen anywhere on the blank screen.
  • Go to all apps from app bar.
  • Choose your printer name
  • Select utilities
  • Press printer setup and software
  • Pick connect printer to USB

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP– Click on the start from desktop and visit to all programs. After that click HP. Choose folder of 123 HP Tango Printer name. Press printer setup and software and choose attach printer to USB.

Mac users

Try to setup HP Utility in HP Settings or applications for changing software connection to USB.

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